My name is William Rose. I made a career of building science at the University of Illinois. Now I’m wrapping up, and finding a public home for work I’ve done and work that until now has been incomplete. I hope you find it interesting, entertaining and useful.

There are several themes in the posts to come

  • Challenging legacy building practices
  • Math and physics
  • Historical and archaeological building practices
  • Architecture / construction interplay, and architecture education
  • Managing rainwater
  • Making things better

I do not consult, except for historic public buildings. I no longer travel to teach or present. If you have questions about your particular building, I suggest you consult any of the many fine sources out there, beginning with I can be reached at (I will soon have an address at I am new to blogging, so please excuse inevitable upcoming formatting changes. Comments on how to make this blog better are most welcome.

In 2005, I authored this book Water in Buildings, published by Wiley.

Happy new year. 

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